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Say Goodbye to OrgSync & Hello Engage

Student Life & First-Year Experience is excited to announce that we will be migrating to a new platform to assist and support our campus organizations called Engage. Below is a timeline for the roll-out of the new platform:
* OrgSync will no longer be available beginning 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 3rd
* For RSO room reservations from this evening, Monday, August 26th to Monday, September 16th you will go to
* Engage access will begin Monday, September 16th
* Please be sure to be on the lookout for updates on EKU Students Today and the new system.

In order to prepare for this transition and to help you learn about Engage, we are asking you to do the following. If you do not complete the following, the items will be unrecoverable as they DO NOT migrate to the new platform. This must be completed by 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 3rd.

* Download and save your most recent constitution located in the "settings" section of your portal. If you save a copy of your constitution to your "files" tab, the constitution will transition to the new platform. If you do neither the constitutional will be lost.
* Download and save your organization profile picture or be prepared to update this image in the new site.
* As a precautionary measure, you should download your roster, contact information, important files, pictures, form submissions, or previous budget requests to a separate device. While most of this information will migrate over, it may be helpful to have this on hand immediately post-migration
* Update your rosters. Remove user who are no longer active and add anyone who should be on your member list as these will be migrated over to the new site.

**Again, please note that the OrgSync site will no longer be available once the migration process begins.**

Event Date: September 04  All Day  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Jill Petrey, 8596223855

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