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Colonels Create

It's time for our second Colonels Create session! Colonels Create offers students the opportunity to learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques, make friends, and collaborate on an art mural under the direction of a skilled artist. Last month, we decided upon the theme of “resilience,” picked a color scheme, and laid the foundations. On October 9th, we’ll begin adding our personal imprints upon the work. The finished product, a collaborative venture between dozens of student artists, will be hung outside the University Advising Center. You can attend one or all of the sessions. This is your chance to get involved, learn some basic art skills, and leave your mark on campus. Up to 24 students can register. But spots are going fast. Sign up at the link included with this announcement and read more about the event in the EKU Stories article found on the registration page.

Event Date: October 09  3:30 PM  Location: Noel Studio, Discovery Classroom  Cost: Free!
Contact Information: Travis Martin, 859.622.3459

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