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New CHN 101 & FCC 210 Chinese courses for Spring 2020

The Dept. of Languages, Cultures, & Humanities is offering CHN 101 CRN 24261 Conversational Chinese 1 and FCC 210 CRN 21460 Chinese Culture through Cinema for Spring 2020!

FCC 210 CRN 21460: Chinese Culture through Cinema is 3 credit hours fulfilling Gen Ed 3. Study films from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and by diasporic Chinese film-makers from diverse critical perspectives and in historical contexts. Taught in English.

CHN 101 CRN 24261: Conversational Chinese I is 3 credit hour fulfilling Gen Ed 6. An introduction to the grammar and structure of Chinese taught in cultural context. This course is for students with little or no experience with Chinese. Not open to native speakers of Chinese.

Event Date: January 13