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Weekly Meeting

Cru is a campus ministry passionate about Trusting God to turn lost students and cultural Christians in to Christ-centered disciples. We meet every Thursday at 8 pm typically in Wallace but THIS WEEK we are at a DIFFERENT LOCATION. We will be in the Coates Building on Lancaster. There will be chalkings to follow starting at the EKU Library as well as the Burrier Building(Across from Walters Hall). We hope to see you there tonight at 8!! We look forward to meeting you and seeing you grow in a relationship with Christ. At Cru we welcome anyone who wants to grow, whether you were saved at age 5 or aren't even sure what being saved involves! If you have any questions click on "More On This Announcement" below and feel free to come to the welcoming table Thursday night!

Event Date: January 23  8:00 pm  Location: Coates Building Brock Auditorium  
Contact Information: John Anderson, +1 865-300-7503

More On This Announcement