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MAC LAPTOP REQUESTS: For Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

The new Mac laptop: 13” MacBook Pro, with monitor, keyboard, mouse.

Faculty who need a Mac laptop, but don’t currently have one, should complete the form at by March 19.

Before requesting a Mac, consider:
•Have you used a Mac? The operating system is different than Windows. In the past, some faculty who had not used a Mac but decided to try one switched back the first month.
•Network resources are less accessible. The Mac operating system and our network do not work together easily. The network resources are still available; it requires extra steps to access them.
•Are others in your department using Macs? Colleague interaction is an important factor in satisfaction with the use of laptops. Having someone nearby can make it easier to work effectively on a computer.
•Does your college support Macs? Some college support staff will not be able to assist faculty using Macs.

March 14-19, 2012