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FACILITATION CENTER: Advanced Facilitation Workshop

The Facilitation Center at EKU will hold an Advanced Facilitation Workshop June 11 and 12.

The workshop will deepen and sharpen facilitation skills to further ensure that the facilitator has the appropriate tools for maximizing a group's potential. In addition, it will prepare facilitators for larger groups and dealing with more complex topics. After completing this workshop, participants will be better able to design meaningful conversations and group activities; aid groups in spinning vague ideas into specific, actionable ideas; consolidate and narrow ideas; assist a group in reaching consensus; and gain confidence in dealing with difficult participants.

This workshop is designed for those who have experience with facilitation and want to broaden their knowledge and skills as facilitators.

Pre-Requisite: Meeting Management & Facilitation Skills Workshop

Cost: $449 or Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver
Contact Information: Sarah Gilbert, 622-8653

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