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FACULTY DEVELOPMENT: Online Course Timesaving Techniques with Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive

Join us for an informative session led by IDC’s Megan Jones and Barry Burkett who will discuss and demonstrate the tools and strategies that will help you minimize time spent editing and updating your syllabi, course schedules, assignment instructions, and other types of documents in your online Blackboard courses. Presenters will share how to use Blackboard with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, give handouts with step-by-step instruction, and give hands-on assistance. Bring your computer and walk away with new tools in your toolbox

Session will be streamed live via Zoom at: (Enter your first and last name and login as guest).

Refreshments will be served.

Event Date: April 04  Noon  Location: Commonwealth 1801  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Nedim Slijepcevic, 8596224839