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FACULTY DEVELOPMENT: Online Student Engagement Tools and Strategies

The Instructional Design Center (IDC) invites you today to attend a session that will focus on common sense approaches to student engagement within the realm of online learning. Dr. Ryan Baggett, associate professor of homeland security, and Mikah Pritchard of IDC will take a look at different strategies and technologies for promoting engagement through announcements, discussion boards, grading feedback and more. The approach to engagement is to work smarter, not harder when building rapport and creating a sense of community within your online course.

Come to Commonwealth Building 1801 for refreshments and an interesting discussion or view it live via Zoom. Enter your first and last name and log in as guest. Click "More On This Announcement" below for the Zoom link.

Event Date: September 13  Noon  Location: Commonwealth 1801  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Nedim Slijepcevic, 622-4839

More On This Announcement