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NOEL STUDIO: Understanding and Assessing Leadership Skills through the Five Paths (3rd session)

As academic leaders advance in their academic careers or take on new roles, they need new skills and strategies for managing and guiding complex academic initiatives. In this session, participants will take the Five Paths to Leadership assessment. Facilitators will then lead a discussion of the results. Participants will have the chance to apply the results through interactive scenarios. Expected outcomes include:

*Strengthened knowledge of leadership skills.
*Enhanced understanding of how to apply leadership skills in teams.
*Improved skills for those leading academic programs and committees at the department, college, and University levels.

This is a repeat of the sessions offered on March 22 and April 2. To register, click "More on This Announcement" below.

Event Date: April 17  2-3 p.m.  Location: Noel Studio Discovery Classroom (Crabbe Library 310D)  
Contact Information: Russell Carpenter, 622-7403

More On This Announcement