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ASK YOU: Another Way to Connect with Students

After you have participated in the beginning-of-semester ASK ME campaign (or even if you can't get involved with that valuable program), devote a little time later in the semester to the ASK YOU campaign. This partnership with Residence Life is an easy way to meet students where they are, simply by spending a little time at the front desk of one (or more) of the campus Residence Halls, greeting students as they come and go with two easy questions: "How are things going?" and "How can I help you?" To participate, click "More On This Announcement" below to find the linked Google sheet and sign up for one spot or many, visiting one Hall or several of them. A brief introduction will help students feel accepted and included. When we stretch ourselves to make informal outreach we create space for follow up conversations when students encounter problems that leave them feeling isolated and unsure of where to turn.

Event Date: August 21  Location: All Residence Halls  
Contact Information: Dr. Gill Hunter, 2-8010

More On This Announcement