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NOEL STUDIO: Services for You and Your Students

The Noel Studio is available for spring 2021 to help your students with essays, presentations, research posters, visual aids and more. We offer online consultations to students from any major or class, and at any stage of the communication process⁠—from brainstorming to final revision and every point in between.

Mention us on your spring syllabi; embed our informational flyers, links and videos in your Blackboard course shells; and/or host a meeting using Zoom, Collaborate or other meeting software “About the Noel Studio Q&A” with a consultant to encourage your students to make use of our consultation services.

To bring Noel Studio pedagogy into your spring 2021 classrooms, our Collaborate workshops, which explore foundational writing and communication topics, are now available in fully digital/online formats.

Click "More On This Announcement" below for more information about Noel Studio services.

Location: Online