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FACULTY DEVELOPMENT: Eight-Week Online Course Development and Teaching Certificate Program

The Instructional Design Center's eight-week Faculty Development Online Course Development and Teaching Certificate Program is scheduled to begin on Monday, Feb. 11, and run through Friday, April 12.

This is an intensive hybrid professional development program for EKU faculty (adjunct faculty and staff will be considered). You will come away with a much better understanding of what it takes to create a well-designed online course and the pedagogy that goes behind it to provide our students with the best learning experience possible.

We have a few spots left. Don't hesitate in joining us for an extremely beneficial learning experience in the world of online teaching and learning.

Event Date: February 11  1 p.m.  Location: Commonwealth Hall 1801  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Nedim Slijepcevic, (859) 353-1675

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