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TLI: Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Student Writing and Class Discussion

Transparency and Learning and Teaching is a framework for designing courses to explicitly guide students through the processes of college work. For students who have never written a research paper, it provides scaffolding to approach the project, and explains the purpose of assignments as motivation to complete them. For advanced students, it helps them conform to particular standards within a discipline. This session will explore how to identify assignments that might benefit from transparency, and how to break them into parts and explanations to guide students in the creation of the final paper for an upper division course, and discuss the lessons learned from implementing these practices on an upper division undergraduate writing assignment.

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Event Date: September 17  2-3:15 p.m.  Location: Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, Crabbe 318  
Contact Information: Noel Studio, 622-7403

More On This Announcement