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MATH/STATISTICS COFFEE TIME: How to Combine Data and Science to Answer Anything

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics will hold its first talk of the semester in its Coffee Time series with Greg Chandler, who will present "How to Combine Data and Science to Answer Anything." Greg Chandler, who earned his MS degree at EKU, is an analyst at 84.51◦.

In a math or statistics classroom, you are often tested on correctly applying a specific method on a set of data in order to produce a desired result. In the business world, however, questions are rarely well defined and often very broad—it’s up to you to decide the best approach or even what a good answer looks like. Using example data from the retail industry, this talk will discuss how to apply the fundamentals of scientific thinking—curiosity and skepticism—to find an answer to any possible question (provided your data is good enough).

Coffee and cookies will be provided.

Event Date: September 26  6 p.m.  Location: Wallace 447  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Lisa Kay, 622-1621

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