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RETENTION STRATEGY: Talk about Students You Share

Just like students who are making their final push to finals, instructors can do the same. Noticing a student whose performance is inconsistent? Wondering whether he or she is doing the same thing in other classes? Your class roster gives you a way to find out (the Advisor Roster and RAC does too). Click the email button on the line with a student's name. Choose the option "Click here to email this student's Advisors and Instructors." This is a FERPA-approved way of asking or talking about an individual student with a group that shares "a legitimate educational interest" in that student.

If you are searching for someone with a good connection to a certain student, this is the first best way to find that person. At times, you will be that person and other instructors will need to know what you know as we collaborate to help all students succeed.

Contact Information: Dr. Gill Hunter, 622-8010