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FACULTY PD: Review of Best Practices for Use of Bloom's Taxonomy in Writing Objectives

Bloom's Taxonomy is a system of organizing cognitive skills that is utilized by educators. Well writing learning objectives should be SMART and utilize the Bloom's Taxonomy verbs in the correct, sequential order. This session, facilitated by Dr. Molly Bradshaw, is designed to review best practices for combining these concepts for use in educational endeavors.

By the end of the session the participants will have: reviewed the organization of Bloom's Taxonomy, defined a SMART objective and created a set of well-developed, well-organized objectives.

Come over to Commonwealth 1801 for an interesting discussion—or view it online via Zoom at: Enter your first and last name and log in as guest. Add to Outlook.

Event Date: February 17  11 a.m.  Location: Commonwealth Hall 1801 and Online  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Nedim Slijepcevic, 622-4839