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TLI: Critically Reading the Screen

Facilitator: Dr. Jill Parrott

Multimodal texts--those that occupy more than one approach simultaneously such as websites, which have textual, visual and often audio elements--can be challenging for students to read critically and for us to teach with an eye toward metacognition. How does one annotate a blog post? How can a student watch a YouTube video with purpose? Can a piece of music be summarized? This session will provide instructors with a brief background in multimodality and practical classroom approaches to help students improve their reading of multimodal texts to be more critical and metacognitive.

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Event Date: March 19  3:30-4:30 p.m.  Location: Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, Crabbe Library 318  
Contact Information: Noel Studio, 622-1517

More On This Announcement