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WORKSHOP: Promoting Student Engagement through the Transparency in Learning & Teaching Model

In this two-part workshop series, facilitators introduce culturally responsive TILT strategies, discuss strategies for integrating these concepts into the classroom and facilitate transferable activities focused on the value of TILT and culturally responsive practices for EKU learners. Participants will receive a packet of information focused on the TILT process and culturally responsive resources to use in their classrooms. Through this experience, participants will apply strategies learned to specific course materials--syllabi, assignments, rubrics or other resources--and have the opportunity to draft or revise course documents with support from facilitators. Register online by clicking "More On This Announcement" below.

Event Date: February 14  Noon  Location: Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning (FCT&L)  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Russell Carpenter, 622-7403

More On This Announcement