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NOEL STUDIO PLC: Critical Reading and the "Digital Demand" Starts Tomorrow

Facilitator: Dr. Lisa Bosley

Technology is changing reading practices, our students’ and our own, in fundamental ways. As instructors of digital natives, how can we adapt expectations for reading in our courses to meet the digital demand? In this PLC, we will consider in what ways our purposes for assigning reading might shift and how our expectations for course reading might change.

Participants will explore the role of reading for learning and the possibilities to make long-form reading relevant in a Google world. We will ask the question posed by cognitive neuroscientist Maryanne Wolf: how do we "preserve the deepest forms of reading from the past, while developing the cognitive skills necessary for this century’s next generation?”

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Event Date: February 05  9-10 a.m.  Location: Crabbe Library 204G  
Contact Information: Noel Studio, 622-1517

More On This Announcement