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RETENTION STRATEGY: Progress Report Follow Up

Students in full-semester classes viewed Progress Reports this week through EKU Direct. Did you know that you can view all Progress Reports for all of your students through EKU Direct? Click the Faculty Services tab and click Check Progress Reports. One word from you to a student you've gotten to know about an unsatisfactory report can make a lot of difference. Encourage students to visit you or their other instructors during student (office) hours. Encourage a visit to the Student Success Center, the Noel Studio, the Math Tutoring Center, the Center for Student Accessibility or the Counseling Center. Some students who receive negative feedback, like an Unsatisfactory Progress Report, will feel isolated and alone. Let them know they're not. You will build trust, help them turn things around and show them they have support.

Contact Information: Dr. Gill Hunter, 622-8010