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QEP: Leadership Grant Applications Available

Application for QEP leadership grants now open!

QEP Leadership Grant funded projects are expected to bring scholarly work, research, pedagogical strategies or other critical reading work to the campus community. Applications will be reviewed by the QEP Professional Development Work Team. Grant amounts are flexible (within a range of $250-1,000) and the QEP may be able to partially or fully support projects based on the yearly QEP budget. Priority for funding will depend on degree of relevance to critical reading, contribution to measurable QEP student learning outcomes and scope of the impact for the campus community. All grant recipients will agree to present progress on or results of their work as part of The Showcase of Teaching and Learning Innovations in December or at EKU’s Pedagogicon conference in May.

Contact QEP Co-Director Jill Parrott with questions.

Event Date: April 01  
Contact Information: Jill Parrott, 622-3087

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