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PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGIOUS STUDIES: Living a Right Life: Hermits, Monks and Laypeople

The next philosophy and religious studies roundtable will be led by Dr. Jennifer Spock. In both eastern and western culture, the search for a right life has occasionally created an impulse to choose between the call of the hermit or anchorite, who separates from society to follow a path of enlightenment or solitude, and the call of a life that follows righteousness within a select community, or remains fully within society. In the eastern Christian traditions, these alternative paths to a “right” life have been explored in pious and prescriptive texts. Dr. Spock will present some of her research on early modern Russia regarding the paths of the eremitic (hermit) and cenobitic (communal) forms of monastic life. She is also interested in discussing the expectations for right living among those who remained within Russia’s lay society.

Event Date: February 26  1:30-2:30 p.m.  Location: Keith Building 319  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Matthew Pianalto, 622-2979

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