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MATH/STATISTICS COFFEE TIME: "Visualization in Focus: From Perception to Understanding"

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics will hold its second Coffee Time talk of the semester with Dr. Judy Jenkins, Department of Chemistry; Dr. Lisa Kay, Department of Mathematics & Statistics; and Dr. Alex Varakin, Department of Psychology.

In a world flooded with large, complex data sets, visualization is more important than ever. The abilities to recognize, generate and understand visualizations are critical for multivariate thinking and exploratory data analysis. Combining expertise from psychology, statistics and science education, this presentation will discuss vision, visual perception, types of visualizations, visual cues, elements of graphical integrity and strategies for understanding visual displays of information.

Coffee and cookies will be provided.

Event Date: February 26  12:20 p.m.  Location: Science Building 4125  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Lisa Kay, 622-1621

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