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Preventing Slips on Snow and Ice

The following precautions will help reduce the likelihood of injuries:
 Select proper footwear. No single shoe sole material is perfect under all conditions, however, footwear with rubber soles provide better traction on ice and snow than leather or plastic.
 Use walkways that have been salted or shoveled.
 Take short steps to maintain your center of balance over your feet.
 Walk at a slower pace so you can react quickly to a change in traction.
 Many injuries occur when entering or exiting a vehicle. Be particularly careful and hold onto your vehicle to help support yourself.
 Watch for slippery floors when you enter any building or home.
 Try to avoid carrying items, or walking with your hands in your pockets; this can reduce your ability to catch yourself if you lose your balance. Instead, carry a backpack if possible.
Remember: Ice and snow mean “take it slow!”

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