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SCHOLARS WEEK: Annual Alumni Spotlight, Dr. Gary Booth

The Scholars Week Alumni Spotlight offers the campus community the opportunity to hear about academic experiences, success stories and lessons learned from EKU alumni.

The 2020 Alumni Spotlight speaker is Dr. Gary Booth. Dr. Booth earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from EKU, before completing his Ph.D. at Ohio State. Professionally, he served as the vice-president for research and development at Procter and Gamble and established the Booth Scholars Program with his wife Jane to enhance the undergraduate educational experience of students from EKU’s service region who are majoring in science or mathematics.

Dr. Booth will discuss his career, his advocacy, and how EKU students and faculty can work together to lead the nation along new research avenues, such as renewable energies. This event will be hosted on Zoom. (

Event Date: April 07  Noon-1 p.m.  Location: Zoom