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EHS Tip of the Week: Back Safety

Injuring your back can be a lifelong discomfort. With proper lifting and carrying techniques you can greatly reduce the risk of back injury.

  • Always lift with your legs.
  • Never bend over and lift with your back no matter how small the load. Frequently back injuries occur from very small, light loads.
  • Keep the load close to your body when carrying. This is referred to as the ‘PowerZone."
  • Make sure you have a good hold on the load and keep your feet spaced evenly with your shoulders.
  • Don’t twist when you lift as this can easily add to the chances of suffering a back injury.
  • Use a smooth motion while lifting and carrying.
  • Know your limits. If it is too heavy, get help.
  • Always prepare your lift. Plan it out so you do not injure yourself.

Think Safe, Work Safe, Stay Safe

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