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TUITION WAIVER: Fall 2021 Employee Tuition Waiver Deadline

Employee tuition waiver applications for fall 2021 semester are due Friday, Aug. 20. There is only one deadline for the semester.

Waivers must be submitted prior to the full term add/drop deadline for the semester. This includes all terms/sessions within the semester. For example, if taking courses fall first or second session, the waiver is still due on the same deadline as classes taken fall full term. Per policy, waivers submitted after this date will be rejected.

For undergraduate programs, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be on file with EKU, regardless of how many hours enrolled, in order for the tuition waiver to be processed.

It is the employee's responsibility to submit waiver. Email completed waiver in a PDF file to To learn about the tuition waiver program, click "More On This Announcement" below.

Contact Information: Teri Begley, 622-6835

More On This Announcement