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Never leave children or pets in vehicles during hot summer days! Every year children or pets die in heat related accidents in hot vehicles. On an 80-degree summer day the temperature inside a vehicle will reach heat stroke levels very quickly. In less than an hour the temperature will rise to 123 degrees. Get in the habit of following these simple steps to prevent heat related death in a vehicle.
  • Keep the windows up and locked. Children will often crawl inside a car out of curiosity.
  • Place your keys where they can not be reached. Children love to play with keys.
  • Teach safety. A car on a hot day is not a play zone.
  • Remind yourself to check the backseat. Sometimes change in routines can introduce a dangerous situation.
  • Look inside your car before leaving it EVERY time.
  • Never leave a child or pet unattended even for a few minutes.

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