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 « Wednesday, July 28, 2021 »
NOEL STUDIO: Syllabi Blurbs, Orientations/Presentations and Workshops for Fall 2021

The Noel Studio offers writing and communication support for undergraduate and graduate students from any major. Encourage students to visit the Noel Studio by including information about the Noel Studio on your syllabi; embedding our informational flyers and videos in Blackboard; requesting a Noel Studio presentation in your classroom; and/or bringing your students to the Noel Studio for an orientation.

The Noel Studio also invites faculty to request Noel Studio Collaborate Workshops or Active Learning Toolkits. Our workshops explore foundational writing and communication topics and are facilitated in the Noel Studio by our staff, while Toolkit provide faculty with materials (for example, video lectures, lesson plans, student resources and more) and suggestions for engaging students in the application of foundational writing and communication topics in-person or online, synchronously or asynchronously.