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Agile Teaching & Learning: Strategies for Designing Adaptive and Resilient Experiences for Learners

Agile has become a well-established approach in software development; however, it has important applications to teaching and learning as well. Pope-Ruark (2017) introduced the “Agile perspective” (p. 4) as an approach to faculty work, including the priorities of the professoriate with a focus on teaching, research, and service. Agile faculty, as Pope-Ruark argued, apply frameworks, such as “Scrum” (p. 4), and processes that are both evidence-based and responsive to change. These concepts are widely applicable in designing courses as well. Agile, according to Pope-Ruark, provides a mindset, a way of working, that emphasizes flexibility and adaptability; this type of mindset was needed amid COVID-19 teaching and can be applied beyond to a variety of faculty approaches.

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Event Date: January 25  9:05 - 9:55 a.m.