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EHS Safety Tips

Winter Vehicle Safety Tips

-During winter months the windshields on vehicles become frost- and snow-covered creating an additional hazard to winter driving.

-Allow time for your defroster to work and completely clear your windshield before departure. Please don’t just make a hole to see out. This greatly reduces your visibility to see a hazard.

-Buy some deicer to help clear windows. These products work great and can be purchased easily.

-Make sure to use your headlights and all of them are working properly.

-Slow down, keep hands on the steering wheel and put down your phones.

-Keep your wiper blades in good operational condition and consider new ones if needed.

-Don’t use cruise control if the roadways are impaired by poor conditions.

Winter does provide some less-than-ideal conditions, but some preparation and planning can greatly reduce the chances for something to go wrong.

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