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Student Debt Solution for employees and family

Do you or a family member have student debt that you would like to get rid of? Do you want to learn more about it? See page 30 of the 2022 benefits guide.

The path to reducing your monthly student loan payment and working toward loan forgiveness could be getting much easier. That's because you have access to a robust solution that helps find the best federal repayment and forgiveness programs for your financial situation.

Here is an opportunity for you and your family members to learn all about the program.

Attend a 30-minute webinar on January 20,2022 at 1 p.m. and see how easy it is to use Savi, how it works to reduce your monthly payment and how to get started.

To get started, visit today to calculate your savings.

Event Date: January 20  1 p.m.  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Patty Sallee