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EHS Safety Tips

Benefits of Safety in the workplace:
1. Always Report Unsafe Conditions- All members of the workforce must report unsafe conditions immediately to help protect their co-workers and themselves.
2. Keep a clean workstation- Employees should always remember to clean their workstations from any spillages and thoroughly sanitize the area if shared with other co-workers.
3. Wear protective equipment- PPE is assigned to keep workers safe and protect them from injury or illness.
4. Take breaks- Taking breaks is important to help workers rest and recharge before completing certain tasks.
5. Don’t skip steps- Procedures are carefully put in place to avoid any chance of risk, so the safest option is to follow them.
6. Maintain proper posture-From lifting heavy objects to even sitting at a computer, this safety tip is easy to forget when you are caught up in a task.

Event Date: September 26  
Contact Information: Courtney Rader, 859-622-2641