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AIG is a leading retirement provider that is committed to helping you meet your retirement savings goals.
• Review investment choices
• Build a plan that’s easy to put into action

Mark Spinosa with AIG will be available for virtual appointments Wednesday, January 26 and Thursday, January 27, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Contact Information: Erin Bailey, 859-622-1324
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Chip Hill with TIAA will be available for in-person appointments January 19, February 17 and March 22.

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Contact Information: Erin Bailey, 859-622-1324
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Scholar’s Tank is an entrepreneurial-themed addition to Scholars Week, where students and faculty can present an idea to improve some aspect of campus, that has the potential to be turned into an entrepreneurial venture. Our campus entrepreneurs will pitch their idea to a panel of “sharks," who will decide which idea gets funded.

The winner will be awarded $5,000 to seed that idea from concept to concrete -- watching your idea grow into something that has a positive impact on the university. These can be individual projects or groups projects.

There are five components: identifying the problem, the addressable market, the current solution, your solution and finally -- 120 seconds. You have two minutes to pitch the idea.

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Event Date: April 14; 10 a.m.
Location: Crabbe Library

Effective Tuesday, January 18, new membership prices and policies will be implemented at the Student Recreation Center. All changes can be found by clicking on "More On This Announcement."

Event Date: January 18; 
Location: Student Recreation Center

Contact Information: Ryan Fisher, 859-622-1183
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Winter Vehicle Safety Tips

-During winter months the windshields on vehicles become frost- and snow-covered creating an additional hazard to winter driving.

-Allow time for your defroster to work and completely clear your windshield before departure. Please don’t just make a hole to see out. This greatly reduces your visibility to see a hazard.

-Buy some deicer to help clear windows. These products work great and can be purchased easily.

-Make sure to use your headlights and all of them are working properly.

-Slow down, keep hands on the steering wheel and put down your phones.

-Keep your wiper blades in good operational condition and consider new ones if needed.

-Don’t use cruise control if the roadways are impaired by poor conditions.

Winter does provide some less-than-ideal conditions, but some preparation and planning can greatly reduce the chances for something to go wrong.

Contact Information: Donnie Newman, 859-622-1589