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Fake News and Metaphysics (Philosophy and Religious Studies Roundtable Series)

Our final roundtable of the semester will be led by Dr. Ron Messerich on Wednesday, April 14, 3pm via zoom. One of the oldest debates in philosophy is over the metaphysical issue of realism v. anti-realism. Although philosophers still discuss this topic, it was surprising to find the debate making an appearance in George Will’s political column during this recent election season. Starting with his column and some brief background on our metaphysical issue, we will explore how abstract metaphysics can interact with very lively current political debates.

A link to the George Will column is posted at

Dr. Ron Messerich is a retired Professor of Philosophy at Eastern Kentucky University.

Event Date: April 14  3:00PM-4:00PM  Location: Zoom - registration link:  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Matthew Pianalto, 859-622-2979

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