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Understanding Self and Others: Creating Healthy Relationships with Self and Others

This interpersonal process group provides a safe space for you to learn more about how you interact with others, and how these interactions impact your beliefs about yourself and others. Group members explore thoughts and feelings, practice giving and receiving feedback, and experience new ways of connecting and interacting with others. Common things often discussed include trust, self-confidence, honesty, loneliness, life adjustments, and other similar topics.
This is a weekly in-person group provided by the EKU Counseling Center. A group orientation is required to join this group. Contact Michalle Rice at or call (859)622-1303 for more information about scheduling a group orientation appointment.

Event Date: September 01  2:30pm-4:00pm   Location: call the EKU Counseling Center at (859) 622-1303 for more information   Cost: Free