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Three Artist Talks: Felicia Szorad, Ilona Szekely, and Lennon Michalski

EKU Giles Gallery Hosts Three Artist Talks
Felicia Szorad, Lennon Michalski, & Ilona Szekely
Thursday, September 14 / 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

• Upper Gallery: Be • Hold / Felicia Szorad
• Mezzanine Gallery: Cosmetic Construction / Lennon Michalski
•Lower Gallery: Sightseeing Around Circular Dreams / Ilona Szekely

The Giles Gallery ushers in the fall semester with a colorful trio of solo exhibits spanning across the newly renovated venue's three levels. The upper gallery hosts 'Be • Hold,' featuring recent work by Professor Felicia Szorad. The mezzanine gallery showcases EKU alumnus Lennon Michalski with 'Cosmetic Construction'. Our lower gallery displays 'Sightseeing Around Circular Dreams,' by Dr. Ilona Szekely, Professor of Art Education. Meet the artists and hear about their work on Thursday, Sept. 14 from 5-6PM.

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Event Date: September 14  5:00PM  Location: EKU Giles Gallery / Campbell Buidling  Cost: FREE
Contact Information: Prof. Melissa Vandenberg, 248-563-2465

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