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September is National Preparedness Month - Exercise on 9/20/2023

Every year, Madison County EMA/CSEPP conducts a disaster exercise. This community-wide exercise is evaluated by FEMA and is meant to test emergency response in and around Madison County. EKU typically participates, by convening our crisis management team to discuss emergency operations, in a manner that does not affect our normal operations. We plan to continue our participation, by encouraging everyone, who is able and willing, to review and consider how you would protect yourself during any emergency.
The CSEPP Exercise is scheduled for Wednesday, September 20th, around or after 8:30AM. The exercise will begin with a test of the outdoor warning sirens, and use of our EKU Alerts. A steady High Wail test tone will be used to begin. You can be involved by pausing and reviewing either the Emergency Action Plan or the Chemical Release Response Manual at

Event Date: September 20  Around or After 8:30AM  Location: Throughout Madison County  
Contact Information: Gary Folckemer, 859-622-8987

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