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Watercolor Wonders with EKU Community Education

Discover the world of watercolors in our immersive class designed for curious beginners and intermediate artists looking to refine their skills. Dive into the beauty of this fluid medium and gain confidence in expressing yourself through art.

What You'll Learn:

Master basic watercolor techniques, including washes, glazing, water control, and color mixing.
Brush up on your skills with our refresher course, perfect for intermediate students aiming to elevate their work.
What to Bring:

For beginners:
Bring photos of watercolor paintings you admire.
For experienced participants: Bring your previous paintings for constructive analysis and improvement.
Everyone: Don't forget your watercolor paints, papers, brushes, and a water receptacle.
The Goal:
At the end of this class, every student will identify their unique direction in the exciting journey of watercolor artistry.

Event Date: October 16  5:00 PM - 7:00 PM  Location: EKU Perkins Building  Cost: $92.00
Contact Information: Shari Vanhoose, 8596221217

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