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HALT Kickoff Event!HALT
FBLA-PBL First Meeting and TailgatePBL
Greek ThreadsGreek Threads
First EKU Quick Recall/Academic Team PracticeEKU Quick Recall Team
EKU Libraries: Labor Day HoursEKU Libraries
ReFuel: Coffee House Worship Experience (Subject: Pushy Chri...Wesley Foundation
KickOff Cook Out FREE T-SHIRTS!Campus Rec & SAC
NATIONALLY COMPETITIVE SCHOLARSHIPS: Information SessionsOffice of National and International Scholarships and Fellowships
Are You a Non-traditional Student?Older Wiser Learners
Cultural Center Labor Day CookoutCultural Center
EKU Football Season Opener EKU Athletics
CHAUTAUQUA Tonight - Dorothy Edwards: "What If We Could End ...Chautauqua Lecture Series
FRESH FOOD COMPANY: Today's Lunch MenuEKU Dining