EKU Students Today Help

All registered student organizations and academic departments can share announcements and information about upcoming events with the general student population via EKU Students Today. By clicking on EKU Students Today at the bottom of the EKU Homepage, then by clicking on Submit Announcement, registered student organizations and faculty and staff can submit requests for announcements.

At their discretion, the Offices of the President, Provost, Student Affairs, or Public Relations & Marketing may email more urgent announcements separately. Some EKU Students Today items may be linked to more detailed information through a separate webpage provided by the person submitting the announcement.

While anyone with a web browser can view and search through current and previous announcements, only students with active EKU email accounts who are representing registered student organizations, and faculty and staff with active EKU email accounts, can submit announcements.

Announcements must be submitted no later than 2 p.m. the day before they are to be published in EKU Students Today. EKU Students Today will not be published on weekends or university holidays. If changes or corrections are needed after an announcement has been submitted, the person submitting the announcement must contact the Division of Student Affairs at 622-2642 to request corrections or changes before the announcement is published the following day in EKU Students Today.

Please note the following guidelines for posting announcements to EKU Students Today:

  1. Announcements must be submitted on behalf of a registered student organization or an academic or administrative department of EKU and must include the full name (first and last) of the person submitting the announcement.
  2. Announcements must be of interest to the general student population.
  3. In an effort to reduce the length and make the publication easier to read, an announcement cannot be repeated until seven days have passed from the previous announcement and the number of times an announcement can appear in EKU Students Today is limited to a maximum of three times.
  4. Announcements submitted for publication in EKU Students Today must adhere to the EKU Code of Ethics for Computing & Communications.

EKU Students Today Announcement Procedure

  1. An active student email account is required to submit an announcement.
  2. Browse to www.eku.edu/students/ekustudentstoday.
  3. Complete all form fields:
  4. Click Add Announcement Button at the last row in the table, you should receive a confirmation letter immediately.
    1. The announcement title may have up to 100 characters.
    2. Each announcement may include inline HTML markup such as web page links.
    3. To avoid extra blank lines, do not include  <p>..</p>  and  <br>  HTML tags.
  5. After submitting an announcement, the submitting person can log in and modify or cancel the announcement up until 2 p.m. of the workday prior to its being emailed or the time when an EKU Students Today administrator has published the announcement on the website.
  6. The submitter should log out after submitting her or her announcement(s). As a safeguard, the EKU Students Today website automatically requires a new login after 24 minutes of inactivity.