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Group Fitness Schedule & Waiver Information

The new Fall 2019 Group Fitness schedule is officially released, to see when and what classes are available be sure to check out our website

To be able to participate in group fitness classes this semester, you must "register" by signing the waiver before you can take any group fitness classes. Once registered, you will be given access to all group fitness classes for the semester.

Go to> Group Fitness Fall 2019> Waiver OR register at the front desk. Doing this IN ADVANCE will ensure you can pre-register and attend classes beginning on the first day of school.
Please keep a copy or screenshot of your signed waiver handy until you have been given access. There may be a couple days delay between registering and gaining access.

For more information please feel free to contact Lauren Smith at

Event Date: August 19  ALL DAY EVENT  Location: EKU Campus Rec  Cost: FREE