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Register your Emotional Support Animal with CSA

EKU Assistance Animal Policy 1.3.3R requires all Emotional Support Animals register with the Center for Student Accessibility. It is a violation of this policy when ESAs are in the residence hall of the handler until registration is complete, and the student has met with their RHC. Violations of the EKU Animal Policy can lead to the removal of the animal from campus. Emotional Support Animals, also known as Assistance Animals, are restricted to their handler’s room and going outside to relieve themselves. ESAs “assist” an individual who may be diagnosed with a mental health issue by providing a sense of comfort. ESAs can be any type of animal; and have received no training to complete a job or task for their handler. If you have questions or concerns regarding a specific situation, please contact the Center for Student Accessibility Office.

Event Date: September 05  
Contact Information: Kelly Cogar, 8596221327