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Final reminder: RSO to remain active: Engage Site is live!

Final Reminder: To remain an active RSO you must re-register online by October 22nd by 11:45 pm.
Only one officer is needed to complete the form.
The entire form must be completed with all information requested below.
• Name, EKU Email, EKU ID, and phone number for a President and Treasurer
• Name, EKU Email, EKU ID, and phone number for a campus advisor (must be an EKU Employee)
• Profile photo (meeting marketing standards per the training)
• Organization profile paragraph (be as detailed as possible)
• Updated organization roster
• Current Constitution/Bylaws
Please check your email for re-registration to be approved or denied. If denied, email will include what corrections need to me made to resubmit.
Failure to do so will result in current (and future) room reservations cancelled including but not limited to SGA funding.
Link to complete:

Event Date: October 22  by 11:45 pm  Location: online  Cost: free
Contact Information: Jill Petrey, 8596223855