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APO National Service Week Bake Off

APO National Service Week for 2019 is on Diabetes Awareness on Campus. This event will be a bake-off amongst RSO’s to bake diabetic-friendly treats/dishes. Each RSO will pay five dollars to participate. After baking a treat of their choice, we will showcase all of the food, allow students to try a bite of each dish, and then people donate any amount of money to vote on their favorite. The food with the most amount of money raised (votes) will get to split the proceeds with us for their charity of choice. Our half will go to a charity for diabetes. DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS NOVEMBER 1!
Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed National service fraternity.

Event Date: November 07  4:00pm-7:00pm  Location: New Science Lobby   Cost: $5 to enter a dish, money to vote
Contact Information: Breanna Bowling