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Are you food insecure?

Do you believe you are food insecure?
A person is food insecure when they do not have access to enough food or enough variety and good quality food to lead a healthy life.
College students experience food insecurity at higher rates than the national average.
Food insecurity impacts students’ ability to succeed in college.
We are conducting a study at EKU titled ““A Longitudinal Study of Food Insecurity and Its Impacts on College Students”. This study will examine the impact of food insecurity on EKU students.
If you are an EKU student interested in sharing your experiences with food insecurity, please contact us.
You will be interviewed by our research team and complete a survey. It will take ~ 2 hours.
Participants will receive a $20 gift card to compensate them for their time.
To participate, please contact:
Dr. Amanda Green
Call 859-622-1646
IRB #2457

Contact Information: Amanda Green, 859-622-1646