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STATISTICS CLUB PRESENTATION: Alzheimer's Disease and Statistical Genetics

The Statistics Club/Mu Sigma Rho will host a presentation by Dr. Yuriko Katsumata of the University of Kentucky: "Alzheimer's Disease and Statistical Genetics."

Dementia is a clinical state characterized by a loss of function in cognitive domains and behavior. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia, accounting for over 50% of dementia cases. Although it has been more than 100 years since Alois Alzheimer published “About a Peculiar Disease of the Cerebral Cortex” in 1907, the exact cause of AD is yet to be identified. Because AD is caused by abnormal proteins acquiring toxicity and protein molecules are determined by the DNA sequences of genes, genetic analysis plays an important role to identify exact causes of AD.

Event Date: February 03  2:30 p.m.  Location: Wallace 344  Cost: Free
Contact Information: Lisa Kay, 622-1621